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SustainabilityGlobus and its partners believe that economic and ecological development go hand in hand.  This belief is underpinned by a commitment to being environmentally responsible to meet the needs of all stakeholders and conduct business with integrity.

SHOWA recognise the importance of protecting our planet and place as much emphasis on caring for the environment as they do on caring for hands. By employing the latest manufacturing processes through to providing gloves that outlast all others, they can be confident that the gloves are as environmentally sound as they are hard-working.

Did You Know?

- SHOWA don’t use any products that cause irreversible damage to the environment and continually invest in the development of eco-friendly biodegradable plastics, fibres and materials.

- Unlike many other glove manufacturers, SHOWA don't use any animal-based products such as leather.

- All glove liners and coatings are made from virgin raw materials which not only provide consistently high performance, but also remove the need for additional chemicals many other glove manufacturers use in the production process.

- All gloves are produced in SHOWA-owned factories using a patented manufacturing procedure that enables waste to be minimised and has helped SHOWA reduce carbon emmissons to less than 3% worldwide.

- Only recyclable material is used in packaging and SHOWA aim to reduce and eventually phase out all unneccessary packaging.

Providing longer-lasting, washable gloves

SHOWA actively encourage consumers to get as much long-term use as possible from the gloves and so as well as providing highly durable gloves, the majority of products in the retail range can be washed time and time again at 40 degrees. What’s more, because the gloves typically outlast all others by at least 5 times, SHOWA are able to drastically reduce waste, packaging and CO² emissions from transport and disposal.

Greener fingers, greener gardening!

We’re all aware of the impact that the products we use can have on the environment today and in the future. Stocking SHOWA gloves is just one small way you can make a positive contribution.

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